N. J. Lindquist

N. J. Lindquist is the creator and publisher of the best-selling Hot Apple Cider books, and the author of the award-winning The Circle of Friends YA series and the standalone novel, In Time of Trouble. In past lives, she has been a high school Teacher of the Year, a homeschooler, part of several church planting teams, a youth leader, a CE Director, a church planter, a small group leader, and founder and executive director of a national writers group. She has been speaking to groups of all sizes since she was in her early twenties with messages of hope, creativity, leadership, and making disciples.

Вторая чашка горячего яблочного сидра

Вторая чашка горячего яблочного сидра

Жанр: Inspirational
Тег: Recommended Books

Сборник из более чем 50 правдивых историй, вымышленных рассказов и стихотворений 37 писателей, чьи работы отличаются честностью и уязвимостью в сочетании с воодушевлением и надеждой.

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